Experts Show What Makes You Unmotivated

Last week, I wrote a brief review of a research journal, Students’ Motivation toward English Language Learning at Undergraduate Level by Muntaz Ahmed and others. The research highlight what are the aspects that influenced students motivation in learning. A research in Pakistan shows that students learn English to get a better opportunity for their career.  That means, they do not do it with pleasure. However, even though English only taken by many people because it is beneficial, learning English still can be fun and interesting. Authors’ arguments of how motivation is the main reason to one’ success are supported by many experts’ claims.

Ahmed & others (2015) claims that one of the factor of students’ lack of motivation is poor relationship between students and the teacher. Kabilan (2000) says that students and tutor should have mutual connection. The authors added every student is unique, therefore teacher requires a creative styles and strategies in teaching. This factor determines students’ external motivation which can engage them in learning activities.

Environment also has a great influence in increasing students’ motivation. Both students and teacher know that learning in a dirty class with very poor facilities is almost impossible. A good learning activitiy could not take place with that kind of situation. A nice environment helps students to be more relax during the lesson. However, nice environment cannot happen if there is an unfair competition in the classroom. In such way, teacher is responsible to form a healthy competition and communication and confidence.

Besides external motivation, students should have an internal motivation. This internal motivation called passion. The authors stated, “Good learning is associated with learner’s passion.” That means, student with greater passion more likely to success in learning than others. Passion is  the major source of motivation (Champan & Aspin, 1997).  With a passion, someone will try her/his best to achieved their goals.

Positive attitudes and self-esteem also influenced students’ motivation. Amato (2003) stated learners who enjoy higher self-esteem is more success in language learning than other. Thus, teacher is responsible to create a good atmosphere for students to learn. Students should be kept interested in learning, especially English Language Learning. Indeed, this statement as if stating that the best method to learn in student-centered learning.

Finally, Lifrieri (2005, p. 4) concluded that second language learning (SLL) mostly affected by motivation. Survey shows, motivation is the major foundation to learning.


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