One of Many Way to Collect Data for Research

For you who are now in a middle of writing a scientific journal, you are in a right place! What I am going to do today is sharing to you one of many methods to collect data for your research. Still discussing the last topic I’ve posted, today we are moving out to the next chapter of the journal, which is methodology.

Among many research methodologies, one of them is by using a questionnaire. A journal that I’ve reviewed last week was one of many researches which using an multiple-choice questionnaire. The authors used 4-point Likes scale, which based on 4 option; Strongly Agree (SA), Agree (AG), Strongly Disagree (SD), Disagree (DA). The questionnaire consists of 22 questions regarding factor of students’ lack of motivation.

There are 199 participants of the research. All of the participants are women of University of Sargodha (UoS), Women Campus Faisalabad and selected students from undergraduate level. These women are about 19 to 22.

However, not all of the participants are major in English. The number of participants with English major is only 10 women. The biggest participants are from chemistry which is forty one women. Followed by forty zoology participants.

Here I insert a table of all the participants’ major:

This research requires participants opinion towards English language motivation and motivation in the English language classes. Participants are requested to answer the questionnaire secretly and honestly. Finally, the participants also be given a lot of time to fill the question, so they will answer it with no stress and prejudice.


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